La Victoria, 1983. Gladys (32 years old) known as “The French girl” is a young Chilean woman, attractive and courageous, that lives day by day in a shanty town of Santiago, in Pinochet’s Chile.

Gladys lives with her mom named Gladys and her little daughter, also named Gladys.

The three Gladys receive and house a young and innocent North American missionary called Samuel Thompson (23 years old) that arrives to this third world country to predicate God’s words and the value of progress. With his camera, Samuel films how people struggle to make ends meat in a normal but yet abnormal situation, between community kitchens, children without their parents and the first massive protests.

With real and unedited images that has worked as historical and legal material for historic reconstruction, such as the case of the assassination of the priest Jarlán.

Cabros de Mierda is a fiction movie that portrays the Chile of Gladys, a woman that struggled silently to recover democracy like many others during that period.

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